While The Feelings Good

Kenny Rogers

Take a gown out of the closet

Put it on, that's why I bought it

Come stand in front of me and let me see

Take the warm smile that you're wearing

Place it on these lips that's burning

To share this fire you've built inside of me

Turn the light down in the bedroom

Pull the sheet down from the pillow

When we're like this, love's easily understood

Let's walk through this house we live in

And let's love each other while the feeling's good

With all my will I promise
With all of me I love you
This feeling that I've got just grows and grows
I can't stop this wanting you
And I can't stop my needing you
No more than I can stop the wind that blows
Ah, but I'll hold your sweet lovin,
Long as we both have this feeling
I'll love you everyway I know that's good



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