I Love That Girl

The Kooks

Compositor: Luke Pritchard

I got of the train this evening
To see my baby
My baby she's blue
But not as blue as me

'Cause I love that girl
Yes I love that girl
And she's with another man tonight
And she treat me so bad
She did she
She kicked me out of her heart

Now listen I like this girl she
She treats me fine
But I don't speak to her like
She's my kind of girl

I love that girl
I love that girl

Yeah but I need that girl now
'Cause she understands me
And no one else does
No one else does

But I love that girl
Yes I love that girl
I do

Ohhh but she treats me
She treats me so
Treats me so
She treats me so

Oh it's all my fault anyway

Ohhh miss Swagger
Like Jagger

I'll just go to my girl
And tell her how I feel
I'm just a bad boy

Oh I need that girl
But I stitch myself up allready
ohh ohh ohh


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