Thinking Of You

Tracy Chapman

What's real and true
What can not be proven
What can be assumed
Once when I was younger
In the bloom of youth
I received
An honest answer
When a lie would do

And now
All I do is sit
In my darkened room
And on accasion
Break my silence
To howl at the moon
To curse every nerve
And neuron in my brain
That won't stop the pain
I'm feeling
And let me stop thinking

I used to think
Galileo would agree
That the world was round
And you'd come round to me
But I have looked for you
And you're nowhere in sight
The world must be flat
The Babylonians
Were right


I used to think
Consider gravity
If I placed you
On a pedestal
You'd slip
And fall for me
But you
Floated on the air
Far away
At light speed
I guess
Some objects do defy
The laws
That we conceive


I used to think
It took all my time
Analysing you
Your mind on my mind
Your name my mantra
Repeated on my lips
That once tried
To kiss you
A memory unrepressed


Stop thinking of you
Stop thinking of you
Stop thinking of you


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